Top Things For Your Wedding Website

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Your wedding website can be a powerful tool to share information with your guests and to gather information from them as well!

RSVP Section: I loved that our Zola website let me have an RSVP section for our Welcome Party, Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding, it was so useful! Also, for the wedding, guests were able to specify what food they would like and if they had any allergies. Then I could export it to excel and send it to my venue!

Things to Do: Since we had a destination wedding I included a lot of information on things to do in the area including hiking, eating, and morning coffee selections!

Registry: Zola registry was pretty great because once someone purchased something they would wait for me to approve it before it was mailed to my house, at that point I could decide when to have it sent to me or if I wanted to return it right away.

I thought the FAQ section was probably the most useful section on my wedding website, below are some of the FAQs that I added in:

How do I travel to the wedding location? This is a great place to suggest airports and or driving times

When is the couple going to be in the wedding location? This was helpful since we had a destination wedding so it let our guests know how long we would be in the town

What hotels are most convenient? I used this question to tell people which hotel the shuttle would pick up and drop  off from

What will the weather be like? Since Colorado in June has varying weather I wanted people to know that they should always have a jacket at night because it will always get cold at night but during the day they would still need sunscreen.

How to combat Altitude Sickness? Many of our guests had not been to a high altitude location before so I wanted to make sure they knew what to expect. When going up to these heights you can experience systems like lethargy and headaches due to less oxygen in the air. To combat altitude sickness the best thing that you can do is drink a lot of water, eat salty foods (they help retain water), drink gatorade, and try to stay active! Remember that drinking at high elevation is different as well, you will most likely feel the effects much sooner than normal!

Should I bring a gift to the wedding? I didn't want our guests bringing gifts up the mountain because I didn't want to bring them down and so with this question I asked that they only bring cards to the wedding.

Can I use my phone during the ceremony to take video/photos? This is where I politely asked people to refrain from using their phones during the wedding. Since I had hired professionals to capture the wedding I really didn't want people's hands/phones in all my pretty pictures!

Who should I reach out to with questions on the day of the wedding? It is useful to let people know who will be able to help them on the wedding day, maybe your wedding planner or the maid of honor. These people would be great help so the bride and groom aren't getting logistics questions on the wedding day from guests.

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