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The first thing that we always do when we get to the venue is go and find our couple and check in with them so we can see how we are running compared to the timeline (never seen a wedding stick to the timeline). I will go check with one half of the couple and my husband will go check in with the other half of the couple to see when they are planning to get dressed. For a lot of our couples this is the first time that we meet them too so it's very exciting for us!

We then use any downtime before the couple gets dressed to film shots of the ceremony space, shoes, rings, flowers, dress, jewelry, and veil. This is also usually a great time for us to drone the ceremony space and venue while we still have a lot of light to work with!

Once the couple starts getting dressed we turn our focus back to you which means shots of the couple and the wedding party getting ready, champagne toasts, makeup ect! I usually film one half of the couple and Alex (husband) films the other half of the couple.

If a couple is doing first looks with the wedding party, parents, or each other then Alex and I team up so that we can get two angles on the first looks which is really helpful for getting everyone's reactions!

Things start to die down after that while everyone is waiting for the ceremony to start so this is when we start setting our tripods for the ceremony (we have three cameras filming during the ceremony) and filming the guests starting to take their seats. We also use this time to mic up the officiant and the groom, we don't mic up brides because the microphone would be a bit hard to hide. We also try to hook up with the DJ's audio so that we can record anything being spoken into their microphone. After that it is time for the ceremony!

During the ceremony I film the couple walking down the aisle from the front and then manage the two cameras at the front of the ceremony space. Alex films the couple walking down the aisle from the back (wedding dress trains need their moment!) and then he films walking shots throughout the ceremony with his camera on a gimble for steady footage.

Once the ceremony is over usually a couple has family, wedding party photos, and then some romantic shots of just to the two of them. We also use this time to get footage of the tables in the reception space as well as moving our tripods to get ready for the first dance. Then the couple has their grand entrance straight into their first dance and parent dances.

Once all these milestones are completed we take a short break to eat and mic up toast givers before Toasts/Cake Cutting/Bouquet Toss/Dancing starts!

At the end of the night we film the couples exit and sometimes the couple has a private last dance while the guests are getting set up for the exit which is always very sweet!

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