Send Off Ideas

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There are so many different ways to get that send off feel! You can have it at the end of you ceremony, have a group picture during your reception (in case grandparents leave early) or have it as the last moment you remember before leaving your wedding! The opportunities are endless!


Pros: They look great on film and they are well priced

Cons: If fire bans are common at your wedding location you may not be able to use them on your wedding day (this happened to me). Also, they are are somewhat challenging to get lit!

Metallic Pom Poms

Pros: They are easy to pass out and can double as party favors. They don't leave a mess at your wedding venue.

Cons: More expensive

Mini Glow Sticks

Pros: Well priced and easy to pass out! Also super fun on the dance floor! They don't leave a mess at your wedding venue.

Cons: On the smaller side

Glow Batons

Pros: These giant glow sticks make for a great tunnel of light during your exit and they don't leave a mess at your wedding venue. They add an awesome party feel to your wedding!

Cons: More expensive

Confetti Poppers

Pros: They look great on film!

Cons: Will leave a mess at your ceremony venue!


Pros: Such great movement and look great on film!

Cons: Can't see them as well at night

Metallic Thunder Sticks

Pros: Catch the light and look awesome in photos!

Cons: Need to blow up before wedding or have guests do it.

Light Up Balloons

Pros: Great for night sendoffs!

Cons: Need to put them together prior to the wedding.

Flower Petals/Lavender

Pros: Smell awesome and super romantic!

Cons: May not be able to see as well at night and venue may not allow the mess.

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