Shelsea + Justin

Updated: Oct 11

We had so much fun filming and editing Shelsea and Justin's wedding! It isn't really a shock though considering Shelsea and I's first conversation was super funny and somehow got on the topic of making cheesecake in the instant pot because of Shelsea's love for cheesecake. They did such an amazing job of creating a wedding day that was unique and perfect for them right down to the cheesecake instead of cake. (The Honey Lavender Cheesecake at Mom's Baking Co is fire by the way.)

My favorite part of the wedding though (except the cheesecake) had to be the amazing speeches that people gave. Their family and friends said the sweetest things about them and spoke of how they will always be there to help them throughout their lives and each one was so beautiful!

Justin and Shelsea's wedding was a blast full of love, laughs, and lots of dancing from their big hilarious families! Everywhere I turned the camera someone was waving, or laughing, or breaking it down on the dance floor! Shelsea and Justin were so relaxed through all the excitement and you could tell they were just freaking pumped to be married, it was the sweetest!

In the sweet words of Shelsea's Mother, I hope they will be the happiest ever! Congratulations Justin and Shelsea!


Venue: Mountain Thunder Lodge

Flowers: CK Florals

DJ: DJ Doughboy

Cheesecakes: Mom's Baking Co

Hair and Makeup: Janae Zuff Beauty