Kayla + Joshua

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

A year ago I had never had a wedding cancelled or rescheduled and assumed it would only happen on a very rare occasion but flash forward to 2020 and that rare occasion has become the norm! I'm not sure what I would have done if Alex and I had been planning a wedding during Covid but I like to think we would be as cool and collected and Kayla and Joshua were.

They are one of the couples that has had their wedding plans altered by the pandemic and they truly made lemonade out of their mask covered lemons. They changed their plans from a larger wedding to a micro-wedding in one of the prettiest valleys in Colorado. Everything about this wedding screams personal and I love how the focus of their wedding is on them getting married and spending their lives together. I think if this experience has taught me anything its that people like Kayla and Joshua just truly want to marry each other under any circumstances and to me that is more beautiful than any perfectly planned wedding.

Notes from the Couple:

"We are both sobbing!!!! This is amazing!!! Everything we wanted!!"

What a sweet response from such a sweet couple! I am so happy we got to be the ones the ones that filmed their wedding!


Photographer: Lasamoa Kathryn Photography

Venue: VRBO