Corey + Steve

Updated: Feb 8

Wow! Just Wow! Corey and Steve's sunrise wedding was a truly unique experience for us!

Never before had we met a couple before the sun was even up! Our first words in person were through a car window, in a gas station parking lot, in the dark, and even though I should have been exhausted Corey and Steve's excitement was infectious and energizing! Their self-solemnizing elopement could best be described as unbelievably inspirational! Their perfectly crafted words and turn of phrase put into words what love feels like in a way I could never dream of being able to put down on paper. After filming their elopement I knew their wedding film would need to be embedded with the warmth and glow that I could so clearly see during their ceremony.

We are so lucky that they let us in on their wedding day. I don't think I will ever forget the peace, quiet and slow rising of the sun before they said their vows, the entire ceremony was just what every elopement should be.

Thank you Corey, Steve, Zoey and Summer for letting us join you on your most recent adventure!

Notes From the Couple:

"We love it! ❤️ Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job! It is perfect and will help us remember our beautiful day."

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