Looking Great In Your Film!

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Before our wedding I spent a lot of time searching for tips ​on how to look best on camera! So below are my tips and tricks that are specific to how to look great in your wedding film!


Whether you are putting on your makeup, talking to a relative, or someone is asking you a question, smile while you work! This will get you a ton more usable footage for your wedding film!

Keep Moving!

It is so tempting to freeze while taking posed pictures, but you don't need to! Keeping light natural movement in your body and face will help your film and photos come out more natural.


If you are feeling awkward or stressed let it out and laugh about it!

Stick with your Partner!

Once your ceremony ends try not to get pulled away from your partner! The footage that we get from couples who mingle together are some of my favorite shots!

Be Confident!

You and your love are beautiful and don't you dare forget it!


Take some time to google what wedding pictures you like and dislike, this will help you make your own decisions on posing for your wedding day.

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