Film Soundtrack Selection

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Music sets the tone of your wedding film so we want all our couples to have the option to be a part of their soundtrack selection! Below are some things to think about while you are choosing your music!

Lyrics or No Lyrics?

We love to add voice clips from the ceremony to wedding films to make your wedding films even more personal. In these cases it's best if the song choice doesn't have any lyrics so that the music isn't clashing with your voices.

 Slow Tempo or Fast Paced?

If you and your fiance are constantly giggling and laughing and flirting then you may want to lean toward a more fast paced song selection. This will go great with footage of you two laughing and running wild together during your wedding!

If you and your fiance are the romantic, cuddle for days, long walks in the rain type then a slow tempo song may be your style! This will go perfect with footage of you two slowly walking hand in hand, sweet secret gazes, dramatic views and loving embraces!

Length of Music?

A great wedding film is not too short but also not so long that it becomes repetitive so we usually choose songs that are about four minutes long. If your wedding film will have a ceremony and a reception we usually choose two four minute songs which help show the shift between ceremony and reception (maybe a romantic song for the ceremony and a jazzier song for the reception!).

How should we send the musical selections?

Many of the websites where you purchase music have a login and then you download the music directly from your account. When you set up your login make your password something different than your normal passwords (ie WeddingDate612020) and then once you have purchased your music send us your user name and password. This will allow us to download your music directly to our computer! Easy peasy! Or you can download your music file and email it if it isn't too big.

Where can I find quality music?

Our favorite place to find music is Audio Jungle but there are tons of options out there. Below are just a few examples of websites where you can purchase licensed music:

Audio Jungle
Audio Network
Premium Beat

Music Bed