Elopement Day Ideas

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  • Pamper Yourselves - Get a couples massage or matching tattoos or anything that speaks to you as a couple!

  • Get ready with your besties - Just because they aren't coming to the elopement doesn't mean that they can't still get ready with you. Grab a makeup artist, hairstylist and some mimosas and enjoy quality time with friends while you get ready!

  • Make your own bouquet - If you are crafty then why not have a bouquet/boutonniere making party with your partner as another memory to treasure!

  • Have a first look - Get your first sights of each other captured just like you were walking down the aisle to each other.

  • Pick a beautiful location - Some of my favorite Summit County locations are listed here

  • Pick your favorite time of day - When you don't have to work around other people's expectation you can have your wedding whenever it suits you! No timeline, no worries!

  • DIY your Cake - Bake two cupcakes, buy shelf stable frosting, and the prettiest sprinkles you can find. After you have said your I do's decorate your cupcakes and chow down on a picnic blanket!

  • Set up Photos - Bring photos of loved ones so they can still be with your during your elopement!

  • Write Vows - Write intimate vows to each other that you wouldn't be able to say in front of all your guests.

  • Ask for Family Letters - You can have parents and grandparents write letters to you and your partner that you read during your ceremony. What better way to hear their advice and love even if they can't be there in person.

  • Write life goals together - Take advantage of unlimited time and write out all the things you want to do together in the next five years! You can even frame it to look at every day so you never forget!

  • Add a Wedding Ceremony Tradition - There are so many awesome wedding ceremony traditions from around the world like Baumstamm Sägen, a German log cutting tradition! Even more ideas here!

  • Sign your Marriage License - You can have your dog stamp his paw as the witness in Colorado :)

  • Spray Champagne - Use this opportunity to spray champagne all over your partner and then of course toast to each other afterwards!

  • Have a Fancy Picnic  - Create your own fancy picnic for after your ceremony or hire a company to create one for you!

  • Have your first dance - Bring a bluetooth speaker and your favorite song downloaded on your phone and have your first dance.

  • Go to your favorite restaurant - This could be a fancy larger group affair, a small fancy dinner or maybe you treat yo'self to your favorite guilty pleasure fast food joint! Anything goes!

  • Have a post dance party - After your elopement you can meet up with family and friends for a dance party or have a party for two!

  • Have a premiere party - Once your film is finished you can plan a red carpet event to premiere your elopement to friends and family so that everyone gets to be in on your elopement!

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But what should we do during our elopement to make it special?

The best answer is all of your favorite things because you won't have to be on anyone else's timeline!


Below are some ideas to help you build your perfectly unique elopement!