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We started Silverthorne Films in 2017 because of our love for film making and we keep doing it because it is one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. To help a couple remember this once in a lifetime experience gives us an immense amount of joy because we hardly remember any of our own wedding day, its just a blur of smiles!

We truly believe in videography as both a visual and auditory way of being transported back in time. When both of those come together in harmony we find it to be magical! We LOVE a good posed shot but our favorite shots are the unplanned ones that really capture each couple's unique personalities. In our effort to capture those truly special moments we try to hang back as much as we can and be happy observers. The moment when a smile lights up someone's face, the veil lifting and falling in the wind, all of those moments where movement tells the story.

Other than being film makers...

We met at a mutual friends housewarming party in Houston, TX and Lauren was instantly attracted to Alex's attraction to their friend's dog. We really like dogs. We hit it off immediately, never looked back and got engaged in Thailand in 2017, then married in Colorado in 2018, then honeymooned in New Zealand (in an RV). We love to Travel and of course we love making films about our travels!

Alex's Favorite Things: Lauren, our doggo, skiing, space, NASA, weather, ski videos

Lauren's Favorite Things: Alex, our doggo, skiing, Harry Potter, fuzzy blankets

Our personal goals in life are to ski more, be outdoors as much as possible, and spread some happiness along the way! So far so good!

So what's next?! Reach out to us! We would love to get to know you! Then we will send you a formal contract and save your date!

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We are Lauren and Alex Chase!

The film makers behind Silverthorne Films! 

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